A team driven by an unquenchable passion for creating structures and spaces that not only serve the purpose they were built for, but also pose as beautiful works of art that pleases the eye and delights the heart.


Synonymous with Modern Minimalism, EOWON is an award-winning design studio with a vision to create products and places that inspire and enthuse. Driven by a team of passionate architects, designers, creative thinkers and problem solvers, we strive to conceptualise ideas and develop plans that not only offer its people a visual experience everyday, but seek to impress and delight with little touches of ingenuity and innovation.


Since our inception in 2008, we have been fortunate to have had various opportunities to collaborate with clients small and large, from home owners and commercial businesses to property developers and MNCs, enabling us to create products, spaces and places that carry a distinct panache of timeless elegance. In our pursuit of simplicity in design, we are passionate about combining natural elements with manmade expertise to offer our clients a worthy outcome that stands to be appreciated and admired.