IHS Markit

Georgetown Penang

Located along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang, the IHS Markit’s new office is a picture of vibrant contemporary design. To streamline the new space with its corporate identity, the office is designed in a monochromatic palette with pops of colour to keep the place lively and active. Angular forms and elements are employed throughout the office areas, providing uniformity in design and colour. The training room that fits up to 92 pax is installed with operable partitions that divide it into three smaller rooms when the need arises, while phone rooms are divided with semi-frosted glass wall to allow for private discussions. In creating a conducive environment, the collaboration areas comprise a mixture of sofas and lounge chairs for casual discussions. Each are linked to relevant workstations and include high laptop desks with timber panelling to create a separating boundary to its adjacent walkway.