One Tanjong

Tanjung Bungah Penang

Situated along the Tanjung Bungah coastline with an unobstructed view of the sea and over four thousand square feet of space, One Tanjong stands as one of the most coveted luxury condominiums in Penang. For this private residence, a neutral monochromatic scheme that dominates the interior instantly invokes a sense of harmony and modernity. Upon entering, a grand arch warmly welcomes the residents into the living hall, which is designed to cater to social gatherings for the family. It features capacious seating areas, entertainment and a beautiful view of the private pool. Walking into the kitchen, an efficient use of space makes it convenient to cook and simply move around. Opening up the walls to the study also gives rise to a feeling of expansiveness. To give each space some privacy, vertical louvred partitions are placed strategically around the house. Finally, an array of stylish furniture pieces and luxurious touches add life to the home, while providing an atmosphere of balance that is both welcoming and celebratory.