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Andaman at Quayside penang condominium interior design by Eowon Design & Architecture
Andaman at Quayside
Andaman at Quayside penang condominium interior design coffee table by Eowon Design & Architecture
Andaman at Quayside
Andaman at Quayside penang condominium interior design living hall by Eowon Design & Architecture
Andaman at Quayside
Andaman at Quayside penang condominium interior design living room 01 by Eowon Design & Architecture
Andaman at Quayside
Hunza Property PICC Muze Show unit penang interior design by Eowon Design & Architecture
PICC Muze Show Unit
IJM Land The Light Collection 3 condominium penang interior design by Eowon Design & Architecture
The Light Collection 3
IJM Land The Light Collection 3 condominium penang interior design built in cabinet by Eowon Design & Architecture
The Light Collection 3
IJM Land The Light Collection 3 condominium penang interior design Palisandro Classico marble by Eowon Design & Architecture
The Light Collection 3
Lone Pine Group One Tanjong common area penang interior design by Eowon Design & Architecture
One Tanjong
Metrio Development Beverly Heights penang interior design by Eowon Design & Architecture
Beverly Heights
Metrio Development Beverly Heights penang interior design luxury toilet restroom bathroom by Eowon Design & Architecture
Beverly Heights
Metrio Development Beverly Heights penang interior design luxury toilet restroom bathroom 01 by Eowon Design & Architecture
Beverly Heights
Metrio Development Beverly Heights penang interior design master bedroom by Eowon Design & Architecture
Beverly Heights
Metrio Development Beverly Heights penang interior design ralph_lauren_design by Eowon Design & Architecture
Beverly Heights

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Beauty, Quality and Graceful Harmony


Located at the fringe of arguably the hippest part of Penang Island on Jalan Gottlieb, Tropics 8 consists of 88 lavish units. This two-bedroom apartment is the epitome of luxury living at a busy business hub. To accentuate its character, indirect light is bounced off walls with a neutral palette and dark wooden furnishings and the decor is kept at a minimum. Playing with clean silhouette lines and sleek edges, the result is a minimalist outlook that perfectly encapsulates modern living.


Hailed as the first eco-friendly condominium in the heart of Butterworth, the development boasts 18 levels with 148 energy and water-conserving freehold units. Designed with energy conservation in mind, casement cloth curtains were included to allow plenty of natural light to stream in from the outdoors. To soften the atmosphere, warm shades of ornamental pieces were incorporated to accentuate the space and give it character.


At The Eighty Eight Restaurant, a minimalistic approach was employed to combine a colonial-style building with a touch of contemporary design. The ideal balance of white-washed ceilings meet with barren red-bricked walls and dark wooden flooring with patterned tiles sets the romantic ambiance to this very exquisite dining venue.


The epitome of luxurious living on Penang island, The Landmark is a 41-storey design-driven luxury condominium that boasts of abundantly landscaped outdoor areas, capacious living spaces and an exquisite spread of facilities. Designed as a haven of warmth and comfort, the show units were designed with earthy tones and modern furniture that give rise to an ambiance that perfectly complements designer lifestyles.


SA65 is a residential development comprising luxurious semi-detached homes in the bustling township of Simpang Ampat in Seberang Prai. The design of the show unit was based on three considerations: comfort, freedom and convenience. Edging towards a modern minimalistic atmosphere that is well-balanced with warmth and cosiness, a duo-toned palette of white and ochre with dashes of grey coupled with designer furniture and accessories set the mood for a charming abode.


A luxurious development that aims to fulfil the true needs of every home, the SA65 Bungalow is characterised by its expansive built-up sizes, dual key concept and private fun pool. Inside the show home, a blend of warm and cold tones bring balance and subtle, soothing energy to the living spaces. Textured wood laminates, applied throughout the bungalow, give warmth to any room and provides uniformity across the design. Grey and black furniture further accentuates the contemporary style of the house, inevitably becoming the focal point of each room. Walk-in wardrobes are hidden behind full-height laminated partitions, which provide for a clean, uncluttered ambiance. In the dual-key studio, full-height cabinet doors open up to reveal a sizeable kitchenette. Compact, space-efficient and modern, the studio is also equipped with a private pool and a convenient separate entrance.


Situated in the vicinity of the renowned Kek Lok Si temple in Air Itam, Penang, is a Buddhist monastery that shares a rather different approach when it comes to its architecture. Centred on the idea of a well-ventilated environment with flowing spaces and as much natural lighting as possible, the Monastery features a red bricked wall with protruding bricks that give it a 3D effect, full height windows that overlook the lush outdoor greenery and a splash of terracotta colours that brings a rustic feel to the overall ambiance.


Unlike the usual makings of a Japanese Restaurant, Zenjo has adopted for a minimalistic and modern approach for the interior design of its premises. Using grey as the primary colour and wooden elements to enliven the atmosphere, a significant feature of this restaurant is its stainless steel stairway to the first level, which appears to be supported by thin lines of steel. A green wall with artificial grass is also set to bring the restaurant’s patrons one step closer to nature as well as offer a balance of cosiness and comfort against the coldness of the neutral shades.


The Glades is an upscale residential development that consists of 76 units of exclusive Zero Lot Bungalows and Semi-detached houses in Alma, Bukit Mertajam on mainland Penang. Playing with earthy shades of taupe, ochre, beige and caramel, the highlight of this show unit are the suspended steel rods and lights that hang from the ceiling at the stairway, which provide a visual experience from the lower level all the way to the top level. In accentuating the ambiance of the show unit, designer furniture and fittings add charm to the setting and give the home a unique character.


Located in the heart of Sungai Dua in Penang, U Hotel’s contemporary façade sparks a dramatic contrast against the existing buildings in its vicinity. Opting for the Minimalist style, U Hotel’s concept is wrapped around black meshed fencing panels, crudely finished cement-rendered walls and a bright sunny yellow that is part of the hotel’s corporate identity. Modern and sleek yet cosy and comfy, its design identity is reflected from the exterior façade to the labyrinth of rooms inside.


A modest-sized hostel set in the heart of George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tido Hostel presents a fresh take on what is dubbed as the new urban chic. The hostel is designed with linear lines, cool colours and a whole lot of character when it comes to enticing city travellers. With grey cement-rendered floors and walls set against lush green plants and bright orange segments at strategic corners, the Tido Hostel also features a range of modern minimalist furniture and frames that go beyond the pictures on its walls.


Sanritz Hair Studio is located at Lorong Birch near the famed Gurney Drive. For Sanritz Hair Studio, the concept was modern, elegant and practical. Dark Teak flooring accompanied by leather armchairs and warm lighting helps to create an atmosphere of relaxation and cosiness, which is essential to the nature of its business. Its elegance is further illuminated by the natural light that enters from the windows.


A new modern interior was embraced by KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing audit, advisory and taxation service. Since their move to Gurney Paragon, sleek lines and clean geographical shapes have taken centre stage inside its office premises. Full length windows reduce the need for extensive in-house lighting while the marble flooring helps to reflect natural lighting, illuminating the office space. Faux wall panels provide the necessary storage for hidden lighting and seek to create a 3D perspective and its asymmetrical design concept, which run across the entire office, offers a fun and fresh perspective for an otherwise serious industry.


The BSG Group’s Sales Gallery, also known as The Galleria, is one of the projects where we were tasked with both the architectural and interior design aspect of the project, virtually from conceptualisation to its successful completion in 2015. Situated along the prominent Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang, The Galleria’s concept is built upon a series of unique angular compositions, which begins with the building structure and frame and is echoed throughout its interior design and furnishing. Cementitious flooring, Eiffel white marble stones, raw tropical timber, cable rods, raw steel and oxidised steel – all of these elements were used to create integrated spaces that not only offer an aesthetic appeal but are also well-balanced with practicality and functionality.


Situated in Bukit Mertajam, the Honda Showroom was designed to provide a comfortable venue for their customers as well as offer a pleasant and modern workplace for their employees. The discussion area was equipped with a refreshment counter and minimalist bar stools to keep the mood casual and light. In the background, the dark Olive green tiled wall offers a gentle contrast to the khaki-coloured laminated flooring. The space is further enhanced with matching shades of furniture pieces and accessories.


Eco Botanic is an upscale residential project by EcoWorld Development comprising a series of landed homes which are inspired by classic colonial architecture with a touch of contemporary flair. Part of the Iskandar Malaysia development in Johor, this phase of Eco Botanic features an elegant frontage, seamless living spaces and a floor-to-ceiling skylight that gives plenty of natural lighting and seeks to invite the outdoors inside.


Seventy Nine Residence is a luxurious condominium development in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, that comprises 148 spacious homes with a spread of delightful facilities and meticulously landscaped grounds. Built atop tall pillars, the project bears the signature of contemporary comfort and style with functional living spaces and lush surroundings that include an abundant of vertical landscaped greenery, water fountains and water features. Clean, sleek and sophisticated, Seventy Nine Residence aims to enhance the lifestyles of its residents and elevate life to new heights.


A large development encompassing 1089 acres of Freehold land in Semenyih, Selangor, the Eco Majestic Terraces is an exquisite synthesis of form and function, environmentalism and luxury. For the Mellowood terrace homes, neutral colours of black and white dominate the façade in the form of randomly juxtaposed fins to give an illusion of verticality and a perspective of depth. Spaces are seamlessly connected from the indoors to the outdoors while the verandas overlook a linear landscaped park, providing ample opportunities for its residents to enjoy nature at their doorsteps.


A posh luxury condominium located on prime real estate between Kelawei Road and Gurney Drive in Penang, V Residences is the crème de la crème of urban living. As the Interior Design consultant for its show unit, our design inspiration derives from modern resort-style living with bright, airy spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook panoramic views of the sea and Gurney Drive, and bespoke furniture pieces that are one of a kind and created specifically for the home. Upon the client's request, we added geometrical compositions to each living space, which provide a focal point for each room while binding the rest of the living areas together in uniformity.


A posh luxury condominium located on prime real estate between Kelawei Road and Gurney Drive in Penang, V Residences is the crème de la crème of urban living. Making the most of the island’s warm and sunny weather, this show unit presents a contrast of warm and neutral colours that add character to the home while making it a nest of comfort and enjoyment. While floor-to-ceiling windows allow for abundant natural light and increased airflow around the house, rich, earthy tones and wooden touches in the form of furniture, timber flooring and wooden panelling offer plenty of warmth and cosiness. To complete the modern resort-style look, the house is designed with furniture and fittings that exude class and practical functionality.


Located in Bukit Jambul, Penang, The Address is a luxury condominium that exudes indulgence in tranquillity. To give a timeless touch to the two show units, a contemporary alternative is taken in designing its interior. Rich wooden textures are juxtaposed with pristine white and light grey tones to conjure an ambiance of lavishness and cosiness. While the resting areas of the home are muted down in warm colours for soothing relaxation, the living and play areas are effectively played up with bright colours – to offer functional living spaces that cater to specific needs and purposes.


At One Tanjong, an opulent super condominium located along the famed coast of Tanjung Bungah in Penang, space is richly abundant. As the Design Consultant for its common facilities’ area and show unit, we wanted to give an impression of minimalistic contemporary sophistication that is well-balanced with a warm atmosphere and verdant greenery, where every form is brought about to fulfil a unique function. With a play of luxurious wood textures, natural stones and designer furniture and ornaments, the home is one that beckons its residents into the lap of absolute luxury.


Situated along the Tanjung Bungah coastline with an unobstructed view of the sea and over four thousand square feet of space, One Tanjong stands as one of the most coveted luxury condominiums in Penang. For this private residence, a neutral monochromatic scheme that dominates the interior instantly invokes a sense of harmony and modernity. Upon entering, a grand arch warmly welcomes the residents into the living hall, which is designed to cater to social gatherings for the family. It features capacious seating areas, entertainment and a beautiful view of the private pool. Walking into the kitchen, an efficient use of space makes it convenient to cook and simply move around. Opening up the walls to the study also gives rise to a feeling of expansiveness. To give each space some privacy, vertical louvred partitions are placed strategically around the house. Finally, an array of stylish furniture pieces and luxurious touches add life to the home, while providing an atmosphere of balance that is both welcoming and celebratory.


Situated along the Tanjung Bungah coastline with a panoramic view of the sea and over four thousand square feet of space, One Tanjong stands as one of the most coveted luxury condominiums in Penang. Featuring a minimalist design, colour and ornamentation is kept to a bare minimum at this private residence. Wooden laminates for the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and TV cabinet as well as tasteful solid wood furniture around the house adds warmth and keeps the spaces cosy and comfortable. This is well complemented by natural stone surfaces in the kitchen and restrooms that provide a sense of luxury and elegance. Simple, practical and clutter-free, each space in this home brings out a new facet of today's contemporary lifestyle.


Situated along Jalan Song Ban Keng in Bukit Mertajam, the Marc Hotel Suites is the first serviced residential project to introduce a tri-key concept comprising a 2-bedroom unit, deluxe studio and mini studio, which are served by separate entrances. To give its interiors a soothing and cosy ambiance, we played with earthy and neutral tones throughout the spaces that are contrasted by textured wooden elements and furniture to match. While ground-to-ceiling glass panels are used to offer a sense of space between the kitchen and living hall, they also contribute to enhance the visual appeal of the home.


A low-density commercial project comprising only 31 units of double-storey shop offices in Alma, Bukit Mertajam, Santuari Commercial Centre paves the way for contemporary businesses with its sophisticated façade, vast optimal layouts and prime location. Conceptualised with a balance of outdoor and indoor spaces to cater to various types of businesses, the development also features ample parking bays and verdant suburban surroundings.


The Pearl Residences is a Freehold luxury residential development by Seni Bahagia Sdn. Bhd. that is situated within the lush green surroundings of Batu Ferringhi in Penang. It comprises 36 units of semi-detached homes with a sizeable built-up of 3,095 square feet onwards. For its show unit, the theme revolves around the use of wooden wall panelling, designer furniture and clean neutral tones to conjure an atmosphere of stylish elegance that is inundated with urban chic. Modern, spacious and complete with everything for a contemporary lifestyle, the home is indeed one that beckons its residents home to absolute luxury.


Located along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Penang, the IHS Markit's new office is a picture of vibrant contemporary design. To streamline the new space with its corporate identity, the office is designed in a monochromatic palette with pops of colour to keep the place lively and active. Angular forms and elements are employed throughout the office areas, providing uniformity in design and colour. The training room that fits up to 92 pax is installed with operable partitions that divide it into three smaller rooms when the need arises, while phone rooms are divided with semi-frosted glass wall to allow for private discussions. In creating a conducive environment, the collaboration areas comprise a mixture of sofas and lounge chairs for casual discussions. Each are linked to relevant workstations and include high laptop desks with timber panelling to create a separating boundary to its adjacent walkway.


Part of M Mall O2O which is adjacent to Penang Times Square, M Galleria comprises a supermarket, cafeteria and bakery with a distinctive display concept. Designed in modern vintage style, the place is kept pleasant and lively with a blend of patterned floor tiles, decorative wall tiles, an abundant use of wooden elements juxtaposed with black steel frames for contrast and track lighting for flexibility and energy efficiency. From the cashier counters to the restrooms, every piece of furniture, wallpaper and tile in this modern grocery shop is meticulously matched to conjure a pleasant ambiance and an enjoyable experience for both shoppers and workers alike.


A beacon of understated elegance with a Gold-rated Green Building Index (GBI) Certification, Sunway Property's new office and sales gallery at Jalan Anson, Penang truly encapsulates its vibrant corporate identity. Perforated panels that were installed on the facade act as sun protection for the building's occupants by day, while by night, they serve as a screen for projecting an array of colours that light up its surroundings. Inside, its design concept is streamlined with geometrical lines that create continuity from the floor to the wall and ceiling in the gallery area; wooden panelling that frames its office pantry to segregate the space as well as create a sense of place for its employees and an open concept office layout that is designed to foster collaboration - offering a grand statement of a sales gallery that is unparalleled in form and functionality.


Designed to be a sales gallery for the Setia Fontaines project in Bertam, it features a fountain concept that is built around a spiral staircase leading from the ground to the second floor. The conceptual fountain rises to the top and opens up to a curved ceiling, symbolic of flowing water. For the coffee and tea bar island as well as the façade signage, the Blue Onyx Marble is used for its luxurious touch and excellent translucent properties that allow light to shine through. In the evenings, the two-storey fountain lights up beautifully with an array of concealed lighting and LED light fixtures while the Blue Onyx gives the place a sapphire glow that is both enchanting and spectacular. As part of Setia's vision to go green, the interiors have also been designed with cherry wood laminates, complementary earthy tones and plenty of plants to add colour and vibrancy to the venue.


Nestled atop a 4.1-acre hill and surrounded by lush greenery at an elevation of 110 metres above sea level, Beverly Heights is an upscale, boutique residential development comprising less than 20 units of 4-storey bungalows, each overlooking the city with magnificent views of the Penang Bridge. Designed with a minimum built-up of 5,938 square feet, the residences are ideal for 3 generational families with 4+1 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. As the design and build consultant for its show unit, we were tasked with showcasing a luxury-inspired lifestyle that is classy yet contemporary. Combining different elements and textures from marble tops and crystal chandeliers to leather-bound furniture and velvet upholstery while juxtaposing decor pieces of different eras into each living space, we were able to re-create the cohesive essence of Ralph Lauren - an eminent design style that reflects prominence and prestige.


Realising a vision of a premier hotel that caters for exquisite lifestyles and luxurious indulgences, the Vangohh Eminent Premier Hotel is conceptualised. Spanning an area of 3.23 acres, this mixed development comprises an upscale hotel, clubhouse, nursery, karaoke, six restaurants, banquet hall, aqua spa, tennis court, children's playground, swimming pool, rooftop sky lounge and gymnasium, all of which are designed lavishly in various Modern Classic styles with no expense spared. Meticulously landscaped for a lush tropical ambiance, the unique feature about this hotel is in its design concept, which changes with every room you enter.


The Penthouse is a symbol of sophisticated elegance and timelessness. Situated on elevated grounds in Tanjong Tokong, Penang, opposite Tesco Tanjung Seri Pinang, it is a very low-density luxury condominium with only 22 units. Each home reserves the privilege to enjoy a panoramic view of the straits of Malacca as well as verdant rolling hills on other side. Completed in 2015, The Penthouse features expansive layouts of 5,000 square feet for the standard units and a massive 9,000 square feet for its penthouse unit. As the appointed architect for the project and the interior designer for its show house, the design language is contemporary, with simple form and understated elegance. The facilities are divided into two levels, with the BBQ area, jogging track, community area, infinity pool, Jacuzzi, shower and pantry on Level 2 and a rooftop Sky Garden on Level 17.


Part of the grand master plan of Quayside at Seri Tanjung Pinang in Penang, an upscale residential development that features a 7-acre landscaped park and a 4.5-acre residents-only signature water park and club house, the Andaman penthouse also provides for over 4,000 square feet of living space that comes complete with a private pool and unhindered sea views. For this penthouse, contemporary elegance sums up the essence of its interior design. A harmonious balance is maintained throughout the house via a juxtaposition of warm and cool tones, modern and vintage furniture, and a curated selection of bespoke ornamentation. In keeping the ambiance bright and buoyant, a primary colour scheme comprising light shades of blue, yellows and whites is used throughout the house. These vibrant colours are further accentuated by the wooden furniture pieces and dark hardwood flooring that runs throughout the entire house, providing a balanced composition that is elegant yet casual.


The Ramp House is an icon of modern minimalism whereby simplicity is embraced through a combination of colour, material, form and function. Situated in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods on the island, the house features a tropical courtyard at the centre, which functions to bring nature into the interior of the house and invoke a relaxing ambiance that is surrounded by greenery. This also meant that the house is naturally divided into two blocks, resulting in a natural division of public and family spaces and privacy for the family members. Instead of being linked by stairs and bridges across the courtyard, the front and rear blocks are linked by a series of ramps, which also double as the main feature of the house, with views of the lush courtyard and swimming pool. Inside, rich textures from the fully imported American Walnut wood and Brazillian Teak wood exude a welcoming warmth that transcends the entire house. Imported marble adorn the house with beauty, luxury and uniformity, while evoking a sense of prestige. Complete with designer furniture and best-in-class fixtures and fittings, the Ramp House is indeed a paradise to live in and an even rarer gem to own.