Setia Fontaines Sales Gallery

Bayan Lepas Penang

Designed to be a sales gallery for the Setia Fontaines project in Bertam, it features a fountain concept that is built around a spiral staircase leading from the ground to the second floor. The conceptual fountain rises to the top and opens up to a curved ceiling, symbolic of flowing water. For the coffee and tea bar island as well as the façade signage, the Blue Onyx Marble is used for its luxurious touch and excellent translucent properties that allow light to shine through. In the evenings, the two-storey fountain lights up beautifully with an array of concealed lighting and LED light fixtures while the Blue Onyx gives the place a sapphire glow that is both enchanting and spectacular. As part of Setia’s vision to go green, the interiors have also been designed with cherry wood laminates, complementary earthy tones and plenty of plants to add colour and vibrancy to the venue.