The Ramp House

Straits Quay Penang

The Ramp House is an icon of modern minimalism whereby simplicity is embraced through a combination of colour, material, form and function. Situated in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods on the island, the house features a tropical courtyard at the centre, which functions to bring nature into the interior of the house and invoke a relaxing ambiance that is surrounded by greenery. This also meant that the house is naturally divided into two blocks, resulting in a natural division of public and family spaces and privacy for the family members. Instead of being linked by stairs and bridges across the courtyard, the front and rear blocks are linked by a series of ramps, which also double as the main feature of the house, with views of the lush courtyard and swimming pool. Inside, rich textures from the fully imported American Walnut wood and Brazillian Teak wood exude a welcoming warmth that transcends the entire house. Imported marble adorn the house with beauty, luxury and uniformity, while evoking a sense of prestige. Complete with designer furniture and best-in-class fixtures and fittings, the Ramp House is indeed a paradise to live in and an even rarer gem to own.